What do I do if the Animal Metronome from The Music Set isn’t making sound?

The Animal Metronome needs 2 AA batteries to be installed in the compartment on the bottom of the Metronome. A Phillips screwdriver is needed to access this compartment.

After ensuring the batteries are installed correctly and securely, and the compartment door has been closed, use the switch on the bottom to turn it on.

The switch has 2 settings. The first will only turn on the light, which is located on the face of the Metronome. As the tempo changes, the light will change pace but no noise will be made. The second setting, when the switch is pushed fully to the right, will have noise that syncs with the light.

After the switch is on the desired setting, the dial on the face of the Metronome must be moved from its resting point for the light and noise to begin. When the dial is pointed down, toward the BPM light, a tempo will not be kept.

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