How is this different from the 3-day approach?

One of the biggest differences between the Lovevery approach and 3-day approach is that ours is designed to be more child-led than parent-led. And while we also recommend a period of 3 diaper-free days to increase opportunities to practice and build momentum, we put a considerable amount of emphasis on the prep that happens before the practice phase begins.

Our mess- and stress-free prep suggestions help make sure your child has a strong understanding of this new transition and is better prepared in terms of impulse control (it's hard to walk away from playtime!). Plus, we offer you the tools you need to assess your child's readiness before moving on to child-led practice.

Overall, our approach offers a more realistic understanding of how long potty learning can and may take. This empathetic lens helps make the process run more smoothly and also helps avoid unrealistic expectations—for you and your child.

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