What's included in this Course Pack?

In addition to the expert advice offered in our videos and Parent Guide, The New Sibling Course Pack comes with tools you and your older child can use to set the stage for their new, healthy sibling relationship.

Included is a set of 4 books for your older child that you can read together to help them work through all the feelings that come with being a sibling. This Course Pack also comes with Guided Script Cards with phrases you can turn to when you're searching for the right words to help your older child understand complex topics, reduce meltdowns, and feel connected.

And when you're in need of fresh play ideas and guidance on how your older child can play and interact with the new baby, the included Sibling Activity Guide is full of suggestions for the first year together. You can customize your Course Pack with additional supportive tools, including an Organic Cotton Baby Doll, accessories, and a stroller to further help your older child prepare for their new relationship.

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