I activated my gift, and I see I have a gift credit. What does this mean?

You received a credit because the funds used to purchase your gift did not fully cover the cost of the intended number of Play Kits. Here are some reasons this could've happened:

  • At time of purchase, the child was noted as being 0–12-months-old ($80/Kit), and you activated the gift after your child turned 1-year-old ($120/Kit)
  • You’ve already prepaid for upcoming Play Kits
  • Your active subscription includes Book Bundles
  • Pricing changed between the time the gift was purchased and the time of activation

If you're an existing Play Kits subscriber, this credit will be automatically applied to your existing subscription. If you are not an existing subscriber, you can apply the credit toward a future subscription. However, if you decide that The Play Kits are not the right fit for you, you may contact our Customer Experience Team, and someone will help provide you with equivalent store credit for Lovevery.com.

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