Could the number of gifted Play Kits differ from the number intended for any reason?

Your recipient will receive the full monetary value of your gift. However, in some limited circumstances, the number of Kits received by the recipient might change, and there would be a potential for a gift credit remaining after the last Kit covered by the gift. Here are some reasons this could've happened:

  • At time of purchase, the child was noted as being 0–12-months-old, and the recipient activated the gift after their child turned 1-year-old*
  • They already prepaid for upcoming Play Kits
  • Their active subscription includes Book Bundles
  • Pricing changed between the time the gift was purchased and the time of activation

Remaining gift credit may be used for a Play Kits Subscription, but it’s not refundable or redeemable for cash. The recipient may contact us if they prefer to use this credit for other Lovevery products or services. See our Terms of Service for more detail.

*After your child turns 1-year-old, The Play Kits are delivered every 3 months (as opposed to every 2 months for babies). While the price of each shipment changes from $80 to $120, the average monthly cost remains the same, $40.

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