How can I order the Book Bundles?

The Book Bundles are available for ages 0–48 months (up to The Analyst Play Kit). If you're an active Play Kits subscriber, you can add the Book Bundles to your subscription once you've logged into your Lovevery account. When you add the Book Bundles to your Play Kits Subscription, 2 additional books will be included with each shipment.

To add the Book Bundles, log in to your account, click Play Kits, and select the subscription you'd like to add the Book Bundles to. Right underneath the upcoming Kit preview, click Add the Book Bundle. This will open a page confirming when you’ll be charged for Book Bundles.

  • If you are on a Pay per Kit subscription, there will be an additional cost when each Play Kit ships.
  • If you are on a Prepay & Save subscription, you will be charged immediately for the same number of Book Bundles as you have unshipped prepaid Kits. Click Add to Order to confirm.

If you're a Play Kits subscriber with Book Bundles added to your subscription, you can also purchase Book Bundle titles from Play Kits you’ve already received. Simply sign in to your account to explore the Book Bundles in More Playthings or at the Subscriber Shop link in your account to make a purchase.

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