Tell me more about the topics you cover in The Lovevery App. Do you cover feeding? Sleep? Social emotional learning?

The Lovevery App gives Play Kits subscribers activity ideas, parenting tips, child development information, expert insights—and so much more. From brain and motor skill development to sleeping, feeding, and playing, here's an overview of topics you’ll find in the app:

  • Brain development topics include knowledge, memory, problem-solving, and executive function
  • Family topics include introducing a new baby, sibling relationships, and family life 
  • Feeding topics include breastfeeding, bottle feeding, feeding schedules, drinking from a cup, and introducing solids 
  • Communication topics include language skills, introducing words, reading, literacy, and baby sign language 
  • Motor skill topics include physical development, movement, and fine and gross motor skills 
  • Parent life topics include self care, relationships, adjusting to parenthood, postpartum depression or anxiety 
  • Play topics include tummy time, floor time, independent play, play activities, and developmental activities 
  • Sleep topics include sleep training, bedtime routines, and frequent wakings 
  • Social emotional topics include social play, emotional development, separation anxiety, and stranger anxiety
  • Health topics include baby care, wellness visits, and navigating conversations with your pediatrician
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