How do I link the Magic Tissues from the Magic Tissue Box together?

Each Magic Tissue has a buttonhole in one corner and a stitch line across the opposite corner. To start, lay your fabric tissues down in a stack so the stitch lines are on the top and the buttonholes are on the bottom.

Using the top 2 tissues, pull the corner with a stitch line through the buttonhole of the fabric tissue on top of it (just far enough so you can see the stitch line). You should have about an inch of fabric poking through the buttonhole. Repeat with the rest of the fabric tissues. Once complete, you should have a "tissue train." Now you’re ready to insert the Magic Tissues into the Magic Tissue Box.

Remove the bottom of the box. Place the Magic Tissues inside, feeding the stitch line of the first one through the opening on the top. Reattach the bottom of the box, and let the magic begin.


See it in action here:

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