How do I hang The Mobile?

While we don't have a one-size-fits-all recommendation for hanging The Mobile, as all homes and ceilings are unique, please check that it is secure and out of baby's reach when installed. You can purchase a fastener suitable to your ceiling from your local hardware store or online.

If the ceilings in your home are too high, you can also try securely hanging The Mobile from a door frame where it can catch a breeze and provide visual stimulation at a safe distance.

The Mobile gradually loosens to a softer, longer coil after hanging. For newborns, hang the black and white side about 8–12 inches away from your baby’s eyes. Around 5 months, flip it over to the colorful side to give your baby more visual exploration.

Always keep The Mobile out of your baby's reach—especially once the coil loosens a bit after hanging. They may want to grasp and bat at The Mobile, but it is not intended for this use and is not a toy. Also, do not hang The Mobile from The Play Gym or hang additional strings or toys from the spiral.

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