Why can't I see anything in the Discover & Inspect Microscope?

The Discover & Inspect Microscope requires 1 AAA battery. The battery compartment is located on the Microscope where it connects to the stand. A Phillips head screwdriver will be needed to access this compartment.

To turn the light on, press the blue button under the fine focus adjustment. You won’t be able to see anything through the lens until the light is on. If it won't turn on, double-check the battery is inserted correctly or try a new one. For best results, an alkaline battery should be used (rechargeable batteries are not recommended). 

Next, make sure the Image Slide Wheel is securely attached to the stand. This is easier to do with the Microscope unattached, and requires more pressure than expected.  There will not be an audible clicking sound, but you'll know it's in place when the slide wheel is laying flat on the stand.

If the light on the Microscope is on and the Image Slide Wheel is securely attached to the stand, but the images aren't clear, try adjusting the lens. First, use the coarse focus knob to move the Microscope down toward the stage. Unlike a classroom microscope, the clear end of the Microscope must be touching the Image Slide Wheel to see the image clearly.

When the clear end is touching the Image Slide Wheel, use the fine focus on the front of the Microscope to make slight adjustments to the lens until you can clearly see the image.

Don’t forget that the adjustments needed for the coarse and fine focus will vary for each user.

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